Nana C.

On Wed 15th April, I rang in desperation to find a local removalist that could help me provide assistance for my son and his young family who were moving on the 18th April. They had so much T and Treasure and thought they could do it together with the help of a couple of ‘old’ uncles and aunty while Nana minded the baby. Between Robyn and Bev they lifted the load from my heart and and assured me that a crew could be available by 8am. I was told these 2 men worked very hard for nearly 8hrs (yes 2 trips + sons work truck x 2 and trailers). Thanks to the National Moving Company team of cheerful and helpful people, it made my time of minding the 13mth old a joyful one, as her parents survived to reclaim her. I will certainly be recommending you to all my friends.